Sunday, December 7, 2008

lame journey.. =.=

2day we all family (except dad) go Melaka wif aunty them..
well.. from seremban to melaka take 1 hour.. so long..
Melaka thr.. Ooh.. =.=
building.. shops so old.. dirty oso.. yuckzz..
i saw many indians n ''amo''... n oso many visitors thr..
we take photos at thr.. i hate takes photos.. f3 =.=
n we gt go istana.. duno wad istana..
inside gt ''aircon'' thr.. pro..
we need to take off our shoes b4 go inside.. pro..=.=
n we so lucky.. saw bride n groom take photos thr..
n a korean family (mb..) wan take photos wif them.. pro..=.=
ntg special.. f3..
thr gt many ''colourful'' n ''macam byk'' de beca.. haha..
many ppl sit beca.. duno y..
we go mcdonald to hv our lunch.. is about 1pm..
still many ppl eating thr.. nt enough seats... pro.. =.=
the ppl at west MY owes slow motion de... O.o so pro

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